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Psychic Medium

Gypsie Dawn

Giving Divine answers for over 20 years!

Gypsie is a natural born Psychic Medium and has a double bachelor's degree in Psychology and Sociology. She is a 3rd degree High Priestess, a Reiki Master, life coach, and a professional Tarot Reader.

Gypsie has been giving Spiritual Readings, Tarot Readings, Past Life Regressions and Reiki treatments for over 20 years. She has been life coaching since she graduated Arkansas Tech University in 2017.

Gypsie, her daughter, Krista, and her daughter, Shea, operate an alternative healing metaphysical shop in Russellville, Arkansas. Feel free to visit Psy-Chics at 114 E. 10th Street Russellville, Arkansas, or visit online below!

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The Land of NOD, Spirit Sanctuary

Coming soon to the land North of Dover, Arkansas. Imagine if you will a magickal space filled with fairies, whimsical lights, peacocks, chickens,wolf dogs, raccoons, goats, kitties and doggies. A place to commune with nature or let your children spend time with the animals. A land for festivals and gatherings of all kinds! Nestled within this 6 acres of property is where magick and mundane collide!

Our Story

Once upon a time we lived 7 miles North of Dover, on a ten acre property. We called this property The Escape Ranch. We ran an animal rescue / retirement home, had a petting zoo, held healing retreats, and hosted spiritual festivals. We did this for about seven years when we hit upon hard times. We needed to jump ship and regroup. We relocated to a house inside city limits. Downsizing the animals was a hard necessity for our new location. We rehomed those that we could, and kept those that we could or would not. We went from over 100 cats, 40 dogs, 7 goats, 6 wolf dogs, 3 chickens, and 2 raccoons, down to 40 cats, 14 dogs, 6 wolf dogs, and 1 racoon. (RIP Leroy). We have currently been here 9 months. While this city is amazing and does not govern the amount of domesticated animals within the city limits, and even though MOST of the neighbors are friendly enough and critter tolerant, we face the realization that the city is not the best place to be with the amount of animals we still have. We worry about the cats crossing the streets or bothering the neighbors and meeting unfriendly hands or attitudes. Some of the neighbors are bothered by the whimsical sound of the wolf dogs when they howl. The wolf dogs are afraid of the guns they hear being fired close by. They often seem restless and not at home. Luna the Raccoon misses the peace and quiet the country provided her at the old house. She isn't thrilled with all the sounds that living in the city comes with. Now, before you ask, could we down size even more? Sure we could. But we do not want too. Most of our cats have been bottle fed, or saved from horrible circumstances, and brought to us to find nurture and a place they belong. They are like family to us. We are certainly the only family they know. We could take them from the security they have grown to know and give them to another home and cause them the emotional distress of relocating. Maybe we will be lucky and the new home will be patient and kind during the transition and do everything they can to make sure the cat doesn't escape and get lost. We can take the chance of something going horribly wrong and that weighing on our conscious every day. We don't want to take those chances. The same with the Wolf dogs. Most of them we have had since they were puppies. They are a pack animal and we are their pack. There are too many misinformed people that want these creatures that do not know how to properly care for them. I used to be one of them.  We feel they are our responsibility for their lifetime. We do however still have a few dogs that are looking for forever homes. They are dogs that would do better to relocate as they need more one on one care. So with very delicate screening we are looking to place a few dogs. We let the Divine Spirit bring to us those we are meant to bring into our family. We typically offer them a forever home when they venture across our paths. We also miss doing festivals and the smiles on the faces of the children as they were allowed to see or spend time with some of the animals we had just for that purpose. The Divine heard our needs and is providing us with a little over 6 acres not too far from where The Escape Ranch once resided. Below you will see a few picture of the new location of the Land of NOD (North of Dover), Spirit Sanctuary.
6 acres await the wolves to rejoin their natural habit. A place where the racoon can frolic and play as she was intended. 6 acres for the cats to roam in the safety of their perimeters.
We are blessed to have a crew on board already with working on getting the land cleared and ready to relocate and rebuild.

We welcome any others who would like to help!

Sponsors & Donations Needed!

We are reaching out to you animal lovers, those that we have rescued a baby from, those that we have taken in a critter  you could not keep any more just so you could have visitation rights. We ask that you help us keep helping these babies to lead spoiled and pampered lives!

We need 25 Gold Members to pay for the property each month.

We need 20 Gold Members to pay for the critter feed each month.

We need donations to get them spayed and neutered!

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Rather you are a Gold, Silver, Platinum Sponsor. or have given just a one time donation. Even if you have taken a minute to wish good energy our way, we love and appreciate you!

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