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Psychic Medium

Gypsie Dawn

Giving Divine answers for over 20 years!

Gypsie is a natural born Psychic Medium and has a double bachelor's degree in Psychology and Sociology. She is a 3rd degree High Priestess, a Reiki Master, life coach, and a professional Tarot Reader.

Gypsie has been giving Spiritual Readings, Tarot Readings, Past Life Regressions and Reiki treatments for over 20 years. She has been life coaching since she graduated Arkansas Tech University in 2017.

Gypsie, her daughter, Krista, and her daughter, Shea, operate an alternative healing metaphysical shop in Russellville, Arkansas. Feel free to visit Psy-Chics at 114 E. 10th Street Russellville, Arkansas, or visit online below!

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About Austin

Help Austin raise money for a new RV!

I would like to sell my custom creations to raise $5,000 for a new RV.  I am excited to be moving to the new property with my mom and the animals.

  I would like to have a newer RV for when I get to move!

You can make a donation below or order a cool custom creation from me!  Customs are my favorite.

Austin Lee Dietz

I was born on November 23, 1997 in Little Rock, Arkansas. I was born 9 weeks premature with my twin sister, Rachel.  I have one biological sister, two adoptive sisters, and 3 step brothers. I live at home with my mother and 2 adopted sisters. I currently live in an older RV on my mother's property, but I am wanting to sell my creations to raise enough money to buy a newer one. Maybe a little bigger. I have been diagnosed with Schizophrenia, Bipolar, and Autism. Life for me has not been easy.

I began to build and create when I was a small child and all I had were bread ties and toys to break. I have spent years tearing things apart and finding new treasures to expand my building projects. Most of the things you see on my page have been built out of pipe cleaners. I can build just about anything, if i can see a picture of it. If you would be interested in a custom order please feel free to email me at my moms email!

[email protected]

You can find me and my creations in person at my family's shop in Russellville, Arkansas. Psy-Chics. I can tell you the story behind every single one.

This me, Austin

This is me and my cat, Little Blondie. He loves to give me lovins!

This is my biological mom

My biological mother passed away when I was only 10 years old.

This my dad and my mother who adopted me

My father and adopted mother met when I was only 4 years old.


Custom Creation


Custom Creation

Mister Meses

Custom Creation

Austin Creations

I am trying to raise money for a new RV! Please let me know if you are interested in any of the items posted, or if you would like any custom orders made!

If you would like to just make a donation to my cause, I would greatly appreciate it! you can make a donate by clicking the button below!

All creations below have an additional $3.00 added on the the purchase price to help covering shipping and handling!

The Rose Monster


The Rose Monster was once attacked by a vicious Rose monster who ripped his eye out. upon finding his shield and sword he was able to destroy the Rose monster and take part of the rose monster to restore his eye!

Mystical Dream Dragon


He is a dragon that visits you in your dreams and gives you protection and wisdom!

A Monster with a chakra sword


One day this monster went on a spiritual path and learned that his true destiny is to protect the spirit realm as well as the human realm!

Poof Creature in yellow


Poof creatures are peaceful creatures and never mean to cause anyone any harm.

Poof Creature in all variety of colors!


Poof Creatures come in a variety of different colors! 

Sad Unicorn


The sad unicorn once roamed the forest a free creature, until a terrible goblin captured it!

Smoking Alien


This alien can be made in a variety of colors and a variety of glass pieces.



Can make any smurf in any color!

Lovey Dovey Dragon


Can be made in your choice of colors!

These dragons spread love and happiness to all that own one!

Clover Key Chain


Carry your luck around with you on a awesome looking keychain! colors can be custom made. 

Clover Necklace


5 Leaf Clover Necklace